Hope to see you at Formex, or to see you again!

In about a month the biggest Nordic Design Fair opens its doors. This time you’ll find us at B15:31 close to the trend-restaurant this year created by designer and stylist Rad och Rand.

Nordic Space was the theme of the most recent Formex. Next Formex in August will be inspired by the same theme, but with one major difference – instead of looking outward, the reference to “space” turns inward. The new luxury is to feel good. In an uncertain world we often seek comfortableness, a cozy haven, says Christina Olsson, Project Area Manager for Formex.

Extreme volumes once again return to our homes. They’re cozily soft, embracing, liberating and comfortable. The ‘inner space’ has an elevated status. We want to be happy, and our own bodies are reflected in the design. In these tumultuous times, we’re seeking safe solutions and core values”.

Three trends at Nordic Space:

Body Comfort, which focuses on the human anatomy and voluminous proportions. 
Key words: Cozy (to enjoy and spend time together), generosity, physicality.

Raw Luxury, with occult symbolism and handicraft from the higher realm.
Key words: Dramatic, mystique, sensuality

Creativity, with design hybrids, where material is creatively mixed in products. 
Key words: High-tech, creative power, expressionism.

Seems kind of familiar to me 🙂

NEED TICKETS? Let us know, a very varm WELCOME!

Open hours: Wednesday and Thursday 09.30-19.00, Friday 09.30-18.00, Saturday 09.30-17.00

Address: Mässvägen 1, Älvsjö, Stockholm, Sweden

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